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Cetara is for Anchovy and Tuna Lovers

I love seafood.  I could give up meat and poultry any day if I could eat fresh seafood everyday. It’s so difficult to find good or fresh seafood in Germany where I live so every time I find myself in the Mediterranean I make it a point to always eat as much seafood as I […]

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Is this the most beautiful terrace in the world?

  On my recent trip to the Amalfi and Cilento coast, I visited the fabulous gardens of Villa Cimbrone which is famous for its scenic belvedere, Terrazzo dell’lnfinito or Terrace of Infinity. AND MY GAWD IS IT SCENIC! There are truly no words to express how beautiful this terrace it. I stood in awe of the […]

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30 Photos That Prove Amalfi and Cilento Are The Most Beautiful Coasts in Italy

  If there is one place that keeps surprising me with its beauty, cuisine, culture and history, it’s Italy. As much as I hate to admit it because it is so cliche and predictable even: I love Italy. No no no no. This is not coming from a tourist visiting for a week for the […]

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Amalfi Coast Map and Its 13 Villages

  You all know by now that I love traveling to Italy. I just recently travelled to the Amalfi Coast for the second time and before I tell you all my stories and travel tips about this beautiful area in Italy, I would like to orient you first about it with a map of the […]

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“There is no return to normalcy after that.”

  There is no return to normalcy after that. This sentence sums up my life since that day 6 years ago – has it been that long? – when I quit my job to move to Europe and study for 2 years as a scholar of the European Commission. I wanted to chase and live […]

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Zürich in Slow Motion

  Greetings from Switzerland! I just recently travelled to Zürich, Switzerland the other week and loved it. It’s a new city and a new country for me so I was very excited to be here. I mean I have been traveling around Europe since 2009 and I only travelled to Switzerland now. Shocking, I know! […]

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My Dream Hotel: Insider Experience at David InterContinental Tel Aviv

  I used to swim a lot. When I was studying my Masters in Warsaw, I used to swim almost five times a week. Not in public swimming pools though because they were too crowded for me. Nope. Me and my Turkish friend, Mehmet, paid monthly to swim in hotel swimming pools instead. One of […]

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Deal Alert: Roundtrip Europe – Philippines for 474 euros

Since I travel pretty much most of the time, my friends always alert me with anything related to travel like this cheap flights from Europe to the Philippines with Cathay Pacific for as low as 474 euros! Thanks to my German friend, Julian, for the tip! Now I’m gonna pay it forward.   El Nido […]

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My Most Epic One-Week Trip in Israel: A 7-Day Itinerary

  You know that intoxicating feeling when your dreams unfold right before your eyes? I’m all about that. I’m addicted to THAT feeling. It can be a big dream or a small dream. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s all happening. Remember, this is a blog about dreams that come true and making things happen. It’s […]

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Why are German Waffles Heart-Shaped, and Belgian Waffles Rectangular?

  “Nice. I haven’t eaten Belgian waffles for a while.” “They are not Belgian waffles. They are German waffles,” said my German lover. “What the hell does that even mean?” “German waffles are different from Belgian waffles.” “Eh? What makes them different?” “We use quark to prepare German waffles. They use milk. And German waffles […]

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