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Gustavo, Brazilian rock star (Interview + Bonus!)

  Music is an integral part of my life and travels. Some days I go out the door with my earphones snugly pressed on my ears and I feel like I’m in a movie and my life’s soundtrack is playing in the background as I strut out to the sunshine. I bet I’m not the only one […]

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How to Eat Europe: A Food Pilgrimage

I consider myself a gourmand and I oftentimes travel to certain European destinations to pig out on their culinary offerings. This week I interviewed one of the food and travel bloggers I have been following and admire, Sage of Food Pilgrimage. Learn what food pilgrimage is, how to discover Europe through food and different food […]

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Rory on road tripping Iceland, why Eastern Europe is cool and the one thing you shouldn’t do on your eurotrip

I interview some of the coolest people in the world to pick their brains and share how they make their travel dreams happen. I ask them how they plan and budget their Euro Trips, tips and tricks on how not to break the bank and other insightful words of wisdom to get you inspired for your […]

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Jurriaan, perpetual traveler from Amsterdam

My adventures around the world has always been extremely interesting and unique because of the locals I met and hangout with. To me, travel has always been about the people you meet and how they ultimately change you. In this section of Dream Euro Trip I interview smart, interesting, and beautiful locals that I think […]

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Darren Alff, epic biker from USA

There are people who dream of traveling and there are those who make it happen. In this section of Dream Euro Trip, I interview smart, interesting, beautiful dreamers who hurdled all obstacles and made their dreams come true. I asked them how they plan and budget their Euro Trips, tips and tricks in traveling Europe […]

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