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6 Most Disappointing Destinations in Europe

D is for Disappointing Destinations! First, my apologies. I got so busy with trips to Rotterdam, Sevilla and Madrid and now I’m currently in Hamburg that I have literally no time to update the blog. But I’ve been updating live via Facebook and Instagram and you should just follow me there if you’re not following yet. Why the […]

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Capture the Colour of summer music festivals

  I believe that I see the world differently than most people. And I mean that literally because I am colorblind. I have red-green colorblindness. I only knew about it when I was 17, when I took the medical exam to enter university. It’s not bad. I didn’t even know I had it until then. […]

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The Shins Live at Hovefestivalen 2012

“This is way beyond my remote concern of being condescending.” Ahhhh, The Shins! My favorite band-on-repeat back in college when I was a skinny, pimply kid with the iPod U2 edition (which is still alive by the way). Their albums “Chutes Too Narrow” and “Oh, Inverted World” were forged in melody and drenched in atmosphere. Their […]

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M83 Live at Hovefestivalen 2012

In 2010, Anthony Gonzalez announced his latest album, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”, would be “very, very, very epic.” Well, that seems like an understatement because his album was in fact more epic than “very, very, very epic.” So imagine how mindblowing and crazy it was when they played live in front of a gorgeous, dance-y Norwegian […]

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The xx Live at Hovefestivalen 2012

The xx concert was dark, sexy and orgasmic. It was like sexx on the dance floor. I totally love the stage set up and dark lighting. I’ve also wanted to see them live since forever and I’m so happy I was able to see them at Hove. I think they were one of the best shows […]

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Beirut Live at Hovefestivalen 2012

Beirut and his tuneful Balkan stomp got the crowd hippie-dancing at his live performance at Hovefestivalen 2012 (caught on video!). I’ve always wanted to see him live and been trying to catch him in his other European tours the last 2 years but no luck. Who knew the Hove folks have heard my prayers. I […]

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White Denim Live at Hovefestivalen 2012

One reason why I love music festivals is the fact that I get to know new awesome bands that I am not familiar with. And that’s exactly what happened when I went to see White Denim perform live at Hovefestivalen this year. “White Denim is a mercurial four-piece band from Austin, Texas. They make forward-thinking, […]

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Hovefestivalen Day 4 & 5: M83, Bigbang and the lille flørtejævel

“Din lille flørtejævel (You little flirty bastard)” – my horoscope for the day from Hoveposten The last day of Hove was bipolar. And by that I meant the weather was weird. It was raining so hard in the morning and it was sunny for a few hours and then a bit gray again after. Some […]

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Hovefestivalen Day 3: Dropkick Murphys, Snoop Doggin’ and are Norwegians cooler than Swedes?

The third day of Hove was equally blessed with great weather so we decided to spend the day chilling outside and going to the beach. And since we are done working for Hove, I also spent most of the day reading Night Train to Lisbon (a great book btw) and checking my email at the […]

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Hovefestivalen Day 2: The Shins, The xx and death by Norwegian beach

Another sunny day at Hove so we decided to spend the day by the beach. The water is of course very cold, like 15 degrees, so I like to call it “death by Norwegian beach” but it’s actually quite refreshing if you take a plunge. Many festival folks also spend the day here sunbathing, swimming […]

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