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Everything I Own, Arranged Alphabetically

  I have been traveling the world since 2008 and have started living abroad since 2009. This is everything I own, arranged alphabetically. I cleaned the cobblestones first with bleach don’t worry. All my stuff fits in my huge, brown luggage and my backpack. The rest are just things I accumulate as I move from […]

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This Old Town is Fake!

  Warsaw’s Old Town is beautiful specially at late afternoon in autumn. There’s justĀ somethingĀ about the place when it’s all lighted up in warm yellow and the sky is in different shades of blue. But let me tell you something you probably don’t know.   What’s so special about the Old Town of Warsaw? It’s all […]

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Critical Mass in Warsaw

The concept of Critical Mass was first introduced to me by Fiona and Mario, an American and Mexican couple I hosted in Manila. I love the concept because I am a huge fan of biking and I wished we have a bike culture in Manila. I guess I romanticized biking a lot. I used to […]

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