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My 5 Best Experiences in 5 Days on Ibiza Island

  One of the places I was super excited to visit this year was Ibiza island in Spain. Like Barcelona, this place needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. It has everything: great beaches, amazing food and famous massive parties.     On my direct flight to Ibiza with Air […]

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Gay Barcelona: Highlights of My Barcelona Pride Weekend

  Barcelona needs no introduction. It’s also no secret that the city is one of the best European cities for gay travellers. It has everything: exciting culture, great food, fabulous beaches, happening parties and beautiful Spanish men. What more can you ask for? I had the opportunity to visit the city again for the nth […]

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Video of the Day: The Lanzarote Effect

  “Some places in the world are special. Have you ever heard of the Lanzarote effect?” This short film by Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle shot in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is beautiful and poetic. I have been dreaming of going to this group of islands in the southwest of Spain for a while […]

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I’m on Spanish TV!

  Disclaimer: The video automatically plays so you can pause it while reading this.   I’m the type of person who likes to celebrate things in life, big or small, rather than rant endlessly about the shit that happens behind the scenes (and trust me there are lots of shit happening) because really, who dafuq […]

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Breathtaking views of Barcelona on a Hot Air Balloon

  This sort of life event does not need an intro. Taking a hot air balloon ride in Barcelona was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Spain so far and I am so happy to tick it off my dream list. It started innocuously enough. I already booked my flights to Rimini for […]

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A day at the Calatrava Nerdplex

I spent a whole day enjoying the stunning Calatrava nerdplex in Valencia, Spain. I love love love the whole complex. Here are some of my favorite pictures of me and stuff you can see in this architecturally orgasmic place. I didn’t want to look like trash walking around the grounds of the Ciudad de las […]

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5 Best and Essential Things to Do in Barcelona: A Glomad Guide

  Whether you’re just staying for days or a few weeks, it’s best to be prepared and have an idea of the best things to do and see in Barcelona considering how massive this city is. Here are the top five best things you MUST do that I personally recommend to all my friends visiting this […]

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How much does it cost to travel in Spain for 7 days?

  I just recently finished a 3-month eurotrip and went to Spain for a week as my first stop. I went to Valencia for 3 days, Albacete for 2 days and Madrid for 3 days. How much does it cost to travel in Spain for a week? See all Europe Travel Cost Reports per city […]

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How much does it cost to travel in Madrid, Spain for 3 days?

  Here is my travel expenses breakdown for my 3-day trip in Madrid, Spain in my 3-month summer eurotrip adventure. I hope the information helps in budgetting your trip to Madrid! I also keep a record of my actual travel costs in various European cities. Click the link below to see all the other reports. […]

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Alt Spain: The Gypset’s Guide to Spain’s Most Underrated Food and Drinks

  Gypset rule #37: Eat and drink what the locals actually eat and drink (not what the tourists think locals eat and drink). Most tourists who visit Spain eat the same typical dishes that has been popularized by pop culture and the internet. I’m not saying they’re not good. I’m just saying that there’s more […]

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