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The world is abundant

  The last few months have been a spiritual awakening experience. It sounds weird or new-age hogwash to say it but I just feel it. I don’t know how to verbalize it. But there’s no denying I am living in a new kind of world. I’ve been trying to make sense of it and learn. […]

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How much does it cost to travel in Madrid, Spain for 3 days?

  Here is my travel expenses breakdown for my 3-day trip in Madrid, Spain in my 3-month summer eurotrip adventure. I hope the information helps in budgetting your trip to Madrid! I also keep a record of my actual travel costs in various European cities. Click the link below to see all the other reports. […]

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Ridesharing in Spain: the BlablaCar Experience + Infographic

There are many ways to make your backpacking trip in Europe cheaper and more affordable and one of them is to use ridesharing when traveling between cities. Train rides, specially in Western Europe, can be quite expensive (yes, Germany I’m talking about you!) so it’s great to have cheaper alternatives like taking the bus or […]

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Olé! Olé! Olé! Watching Spain v. France in Madrid: A Video Montage

While in Madrid, me and my friends went to watch Spain versus France in Marca Sports Bar. I am not a really a football fan but who could ignore it if Euro Cup 2012 is happening? Every now and then you hear neighbors shouting and you know what that means. And my Facebook newsfeed is […]

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