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A day at the Calatrava Nerdplex

I spent a whole day enjoying the stunning Calatrava nerdplex in Valencia, Spain. I love love love the whole complex. Here are some of my favorite pictures of me and stuff you can see in this architecturally orgasmic place. I didn’t want to look like trash walking around the grounds of the Ciudad de las […]

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Alt Spain: The Gypset’s Guide to Spain’s Most Underrated Food and Drinks

  Gypset rule #37: Eat and drink what the locals actually eat and drink (not what the tourists think locals eat and drink). Most tourists who visit Spain eat the same typical dishes that has been popularized by pop culture and the internet. I’m not saying they’re not good. I’m just saying that there’s more […]

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Ridesharing in Spain: the BlablaCar Experience + Infographic

There are many ways to make your backpacking trip in Europe cheaper and more affordable and one of them is to use ridesharing when traveling between cities. Train rides, specially in Western Europe, can be quite expensive (yes, Germany I’m talking about you!) so it’s great to have cheaper alternatives like taking the bus or […]

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How much does it cost to travel in Valencia, Spain for 3 days?

  Here’s my travel expenses breakdown of my 3-day trip in Valencia, Spain. I am very transparent with my expenses because what’s a budget travel website without actually talking about money and the actual cost of traveling? See All Europe Travel Cost Reports     How much does it cost to travel in Valencia for […]

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The Biggest and Largest Oceanographic Park in Europe: A Photo Essay

The Oceanographic Park in Valencia is the biggest and largest of its kind in Europe. This was definitely the highlight of my visit in Valencia. If you’re going to visit (and you must!), you’ll have to allot one day for it as there are many things to see and do here. The Oceanographic Park was […]

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Top 4 Reasons to visit Science Museum Principe Felipe

While marveling at the breathtaking architecture of Calatrava-designed Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, I went inside one of the structures to visit the Science Museum Principe Felipe. Why would you go see it? Here are top 4 reasons why you should visit the Science Museum Principe Felipe in Valencia. 1. Stunning […]

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Scenes at Malvarrosa Beach

Valencia is one of the best cities with beaches in the world. Me and my friends went to the playa to play volleyball and hangout although I missed them because it took forever to get there. Here are some scenes from one of the popular beaches in Valencia, Malvarrosa Beach.           […]

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The Stunning Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

If there is ONE thing you must see in Valencia, it would be the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias complex (City of Arts and Sciences). Science, nature, sports and art are all rolled into one architecturally stunning complex. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela. It is made up of five main elements and one other […]

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