Greetings from Tromøya, Norway!

I guess Hovefestivalen would be my favorite music festival in Europe as this would be my third year to be here. We flew from Madrid to Oslo last Sunday, June 25, and went directly to Arendal, Norway where the festival is. It is actually in an island called Tromøya.

We arrived at almost midnight so we decided to spend the night at Arendal Maritime Hotel as it was already late and it was raining hard. Good luck setting up camp in the rain! Staying in the hotel was actually our best decision ever because we were able to rest well and be prepared for a week of crazy/fun in Hove. We took the boat to Tromøya the next day and started our Hove adventures.

Here is a visual chronicle of our arrival and first day in Hovefestivalen 2012. All Hove updates can be found here.













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