I stumbled upon this really cool infographic created by the folks at Expedia and wanted to share it to you because it will totally help in planning your Euro Trip. After reading it, I learned a lot of new interesting facts about the major European airports and I think it will help us all in deciding which airports to fly to in our next trips to Europe.

Madrid Barajas Airport – Airport Porn!

Want to know which European airport has the most destination options?

It’s Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. This means that more airlines fly to Paris than any other airports in Europe. Hence, it’s possible that you can get great deals and better flight times if you fly through Paris.

Which European airports have free wifi?

Don’t we all love free wifi? I DO! This information is important when you have a long layover. A quick look at the infographic shows that Amsterdam, Oslo and Vienna have free wifi while Copenhagen, Brussels and Madrid charge the most. It’s easy for you to decide then where you want to have a long layover.

How near is the airport to the city?

Personally this is always an important information when I am planning my Euro Trips because it helps me determine how long I will actually be in a city. This is a very important information to know if you don’t have the luxury of time for your trip. If the airport is far and your flight is at say 4pm, then forget about doing anything during this day because it will be dedicated to your transit time. But if it’s near and your flight is at 4pm, you can even enjoy a long lunch in the city before heading to the airport. No need to rush. From the infographic, you can see that Oslo, Berlin and Amsterdam are really near the city.

Where is it cheapest to shop duty-free?

I like shopping in duty-free shops little things like perfume and watches and a book to read. You’d be surprised to learn that prices vary greatly among the different airports. For instance, a 50ml bottle of Armani perfume will cost you around 32 pounds in Rome and the same bottle for 61 pounds in Vienna!


Madrid Barajas Airport Photo from www.tensinet.com, Infographic by Expedia.

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