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Thank you so much for ordering our service.

Note: If you stumbled upon this page, please click here to order the Flight Reservation for visa application service.

Please fill out the Flight Reservation Form form below. It is BEST to answer this on your laptop or computer and not a mobile phone. Here are a few guidelines before answering the form.

1. Please fill out this form ONLY IF YOU HAVE PAID. Since this form is available to the public some people try to game the system by submitting their flight details without paying. It’s not going to work. I REPEAT: IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK. Don’t waste your time.

2. Please make sure you type your correct email address, full name and flight dates.

3. You can find the Transaction ID on the Paypal confirmation email. It’s at the top right of the email. Copy-paste it on the form below. If you paid via BDO, please write Bank Deposit Regular or Bank Deposit Rush etc depending on what you ordered.

Paypal Transaction ID






4. You will know that you have successfully submitted your flight details to us if you are redirected to a Thank You page after clicking the Submit button below and you have received an Order Confirmation email from us within 30 minutes or so (check your spam folder as well). If none of these things happen, please fill out the Flight Reservation Form again to make sure we receive your flight details.

5. If you any questions or concerns, please email us at flights.ph@gmail.com

Again, thank you for ordering. We look forward to helping you with your visa application!


Flight Reservation Form

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Don’t forget to click the Submit button and wait for the Thank you page to appear!

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