While in Madrid, me and my friends went to watch Spain versus France in Marca Sports Bar. I am not a really a football fan but who could ignore it if Euro Cup 2012 is happening? Every now and then you hear neighbors shouting and you know what that means. And my Facebook newsfeed is also flooded with updates from my European friends and those who are huge fans of the sports.

Anyway, so we went to watch. We paid 5 euros and got a glass of beer and settled. I wanted to join in and watch just for the experience and the atmosphere. Nationalism is at its highest during this time. And I pretty much learned more Spanish curse words than from my one-week stay in Spain.

Spain won with a final score of 2-0. Here is a video of the experience and the celebration of the 2 goals of Spain! Xabi Alonso scored from the pentalty for Spain against France.

Spain eventually won the Euro Cup 2012. I feel a bit pissed off because I wanted Germany to win. Ugh.

¡Campeones! ¡Campeones!¡Campeones! Olé! Olé! Olé!


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