13 Best Cities to Go Clubbing in Europe (that aren’t Ibiza or London)

  C is for Clubbing! For some of you guys, traveling is a non-stop party. I should know: almost 20% of my email subscribers answered they are going on a euro party trip on my eurotrip calculator, that nifty little thing. I also receive a lot of emails asking where is the best places to [...]

18 Best Beaches in Europe That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. 3 of Them are Nudist. [Pics]

  B is for beaches! With summer fast approaching, I’m getting more emails asking which places in Europe is the best beaches for getting some Vitamin Sea! I think now is the right time we talk about the best beaches in Europe to get your golden brown tan. Listed below are seriously some of the [...]

Musement App Review: Skip the Lines with this Ultimate Travel App for Art Lovers

  If you love art and you’ve travelled to Europe before, I’m sure you’re very familiar with this scenario: waiting in long lines just to get into some of the best attractions and museums in the world, probably even waking up really early just to try to avoid the queue. Ain’t nobody got time for [...]

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5 Best Travel Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard of. My Absolute Favorite is #4.

  A is for apps! All great travel apps have one thing in common: they all solve problems fabulously. But with the thousands of travel apps currently available out there, it’s no longer enough being simply useful. So I chose five best travel apps that are useful and outstanding by virtue of being innovative, quirky [...]

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Presenting: The A to Z of European Travel

  Well, hello I’m back. You’ve been April-fooled! Your messages and emails have been amazing. I read all of them and it made me so happy. Thank you for following. I am not quitting blogging yet. Nah-ah. I just got started! I’m sorry it took me a few days to reveal that I AM NOT QUITTING [...]

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Fast and Furious at the Longest Toboggan Run in Lapland

  One of the best free things we did while we were in Finnish Lapland, far up in the Arctic, was to ride a toboggan through the longest toboggan run in Finland located in Saariselkä. In fact it is the longest toboggan run in Northern Europe at 1.2 kilometers long and a vertical drop of [...]

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Off The Beaten Path Italy: Reggio Emilia

Remember when I crashed at the Blogville apartment in Bologna after I got some tan in the Tuscan Riviera? Well after that, we went on a day trip from Bologna to this really sweet and totally off the beaten path city in Emilia-Romagna region called Reggio Emilia. I was obviously excited to see a different [...]

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Chasing the Northern Lights in Saariselkä, Arctic Finland!

  YES. THIS IS IT. I am starting 2014 with a BANG! I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Berlin with friends and now I’m heading to the Arctic Circle to experience the Northern Lights in what could be my most adventurous trip yet. I AM SO STOKED TO CROSS THIS OFF MY BUCKET LIST. And [...]

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The Ultimate German Christmas Market Tour

  This year will be my first Christmas in Germany which also means it will be my first time to experience the famous German Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt auf Deutsch) that I always hear about. The  previews Christmases saw me eating pierogi in the gorgeous Tatra mountains of Poland, throwing a Christmas dinner party in Stockholm [...]

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24 Stunning Autumn Photos of Europe

  I actually don’t know when autumn ends and winter starts. But I just realized I haven’t posted enough photos of autumn in Europe so forgive me for being perpetually stuck in summer. I got too busy falling in love with Italy (how cliche) and riding hot air balloons in Spain. I just learned this [...]

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Win over $1000 for your upcoming trip to Europe!

  It was my birthday last weekend and I took a break and relaxed in the spa capital of the world. To celebrate it and to thank everyone who has been following my adventures in Europe and in life, I am announcing my first ever contest worth over $1000 in prizes! If you’re not going [...]

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Breathtaking views of Barcelona on a Hot Air Balloon

  This sort of life event does not need an intro. Taking a hot air balloon ride in Barcelona was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Spain so far and I am so happy to tick it off my dream list. It started innocuously enough. I already booked my flights to Rimini for [...]

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Swimming at the Most Unusual Pool in Europe

  If you’re like me who loves to swim and spend days baking under the sun, then the best and coolest spot to do both in Berlin is at the Badeschiff (literally translated as Bathing Ship) which is arguably the most unusual and unique swimming pool in Europe or even the world.     überhip swimming [...]

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Ridiculously Surreal Photos of San Marino

  I died and went to heaven. Like for real. From the moment I took the ride up to San Marino to the time I left it, I could not stop saying “WOW” “AWESOME” “AMAZING” “ZOOOOH MY GAWD” as if I can’t speak English properly and can only utter monosyllabic phrases of praise.     [...]

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Dear Versilia, I have a crush on you.

  Dear Versilia, why did you come to my life just now? I have been looking for you. Now we finally met. The moment I found out about you I almost couldn’t sleep just thinking about this day. My infatuation grew as I boarded my plane to meet you. There you were, in the plane’s [...]

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