Living la bella vita in Cesenatico, Italy

La bella vita. The words roll off the tongue like a triple somersault of ahh’s. Lah bel-lah vi-tah. The beautiful life. What is a beautiful life exactly? Is it a life full of never ending euphoric moments? Or is it one replete with the beauty of both the pains and joys of living? If there […]

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127 Reasons why I love (and hate) Senigallia

  “Bomba di calorie! (A bomb of calories)”, the chef declared while holding what looked like lava cake in her hands. Our table roared with laughter. It was our first day in Senigallia, Italy and we just finished devouring a deliciously heavy hearty 3-course Italian lunch at L’Angolino Sur Mare when Maria, the chef, came […]

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Packing for a stylish summer in Europe. Avoid #9 at all costs.

  What’s hot and what’s yuck in Europe for summer? How do you stay looking amasin’ (as the cute Spanish boys would say) and stylish as you’re getting tanned in Mykonos, partying in Berlin or eating gelato in Rome? Hint: NOT jersey shirts and DEFINITELY NOT zip-off pants. This is a totally unsexy topic but […]

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Exclusive: Amber Avant-Garde Fashion Show in Riga

Riga, Latvia is a cultural hotspot this year as the European Capital of Culture 2014 along with UmeĆ„ in Sweden. This means that for the whole year the city offers a series of cultural events with a strong European dimension. Which obviously means this year is the BEST time to visit. I visited Riga for […]

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6 Most Disappointing Destinations in Europe. You will hate me for #4.

D is for Disappointing Destinations! First, my apologies. I got so busy with trips to Rotterdam, Sevilla and Madrid and now I’m currently in Hamburg that I have literally no time to update the blog. But I’ve been updating live via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you should just follow me there if you’re not following […]

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13 Best Cities to Go Clubbing in Europe (that aren’t Ibiza or London)

  C is for Clubbing! For some of you guys, traveling is a non-stop party. I should know: almost 20% of my email subscribers answered they are going on a euro party trip on my eurotrip calculator, that nifty little thing. I also receive a lot of emails asking where is the best places to […]

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