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In Photos: Cologne Pride 2015

My 4th time at Cologne Pride. Throwing condoms like candies. I was on a float so most of my photos were of the people watching the parade. A different POV than normal. Read my experience here. Enjoy the photos and videos!

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Cologne Pride: Is it Sweeter the 4th Time Around?

A week after Barcelona Pride, I was back on the road again dancing on a pride float. Where at? Cologne Pride! This year I joined the festivities at Cologne Pride for the fourth time. Fourth time! I didn’t initially plan to go this year but #mygaypride crew needs one more blogger and I was just […]

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Spaghetti Ice Cream Exists and it’s freakin delicious

“Wait, what?!? Spaghettieis (Spaghetti ice cream)? What the hell is that?” “Just wait for it,” said Michael with a mischievous grin on his face. We were in Cologne and we stopped by one of the ice cream shops to have some ice cream. The shop was packed with people mostly sitting outside enjoying the sun […]

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A Not So White Christmas

Greetings from Berlin! I have been here in the city for a few days now but didn’t do anything besides sleep and eat because the last days leading up to Christmas was super hectic. Well this year Christmas disappointed me because it was super warm. I REALLY wanted a white Christmas again, like the ones […]

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The Ultimate German Christmas Market Tour

  This year will be my first Christmas in Germany which also means it will be my first time to experience the famous German Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt auf Deutsch) that I always hear about. The  previews Christmases saw me eating pierogi in the gorgeous Tatra mountains of Poland, throwing a Christmas dinner party in Stockholm […]

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First class vs. Second class train tickets: Worth it?

  When buying train tickets in Europe, one always wonders if it’s worth buying a first class train ticket over a second class one. What is the difference between first class versus second class train tickets? Well, there are a few things to consider. I recently took round trip first class trains on my trip […]

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