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An Insider Guide to Nuremberg Christmas Market

  A lot of you have emailed me asking about German Christmas Markets and about the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt in particular. Well I went around Germany this December since it was also my first year to experience real German Christmas Markets and it was a lot of fun. If you’re planning to go to Nuremberg Christmas […]

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Alt Spain: The Gypset’s Guide to Spain’s Most Underrated Food and Drinks

  Gypset rule #37: Eat and drink what the locals actually eat and drink (not what the tourists think locals eat and drink). Most tourists who visit Spain eat the same typical dishes that has been popularized by pop culture and the internet. I’m not saying they’re not good. I’m just saying that there’s more […]

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The Gypset’s Guide to Staying Calm During an In-flight Turbulence

As a gypsetter, you will always find yourself gypsetting to your next destination on an airplane. But what happens when you’re on turbulence? A really bad one? Like Death himself is just waiting around the corner? What should you do to stay calm? Well, here’s my near-death story. Our plane shuddered as it entered turbulence. […]

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