How to celebrate your freaking Forever 21st birthday in style

I’m sitting here in our hotel room in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines furiously typing away because I’m happy. I mean I almost always am. I have a perpetually happy disposition in life. Today is my birthday. It’s not just any birthday though. I’m entering a new decade – no, it’s not the 40′s yet! – […]

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There’s a little Imelda in all of us

It’s my birthday soon (and hello Christmas!) so I already treated myself by buying new pairs of shoes. I bought two pairs of this classic boat shoes from Sperry Top-sider in blue and red for me and my father.   I also got a pair of this white leather sneakers from the Jack Purcell x […]

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German Challenge Week One: Hey, Ich kann do dis.

In which I talk about my first week learning German again with italki, the 10th circle of hell, why I think German is like math, how to flirt in German and my new favorite German words and vernacular expressions. Is life really too short to learn German? I disagree. Kinda.     Week #1: In […]

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Kill Me Now: The 3-Month German Language Challenge with italki

  My story and plans on how to be fluent in German in 3 months with italki. I’m making it public. Join me on my progress and do your own language challenge too! A major part of the experience of living in a foreign country is that child-like happiness when you are able to communicate […]

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How to book roundtrip flight reservation for visa application without paying the actual flight

  If you’re applying for a Schengen visa (or any other visa for that matter), most of the time the embassy requires you to submit a flight reservation or a flight confirmation and you wonder what exactly that is. I’ve been getting a lot of emails about this from readers and I might as well […]

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Experiencing the Slow Living Movement in Umbria, Italy

A Magical Night “There’s something waiting for you outside,” said Marliza and Serena. I have just traveled for almost 10 hours from Dusseldorf, Germany all the way to this random Italian village, Paciano, in Umbria via Rome and all I wanted was to sleep and rest. I was also a bit disoriented. It was almost […]

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Travel Style: A Fabulous Fall Weekend in Paris

  I’ll start my big birthday trip in Paris soon and this city makes me feel like I need to step up my game when I visit it for the third time. And since it will be cozy and cold in the fall, I would love to rock this look. Most of you who know […]

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Food, Culture and Adventure around Trasimeno Lake in Perugia, Italy

  So I’m back. I kind of figured out what I need to do and it felt good to put them all in writing. What I needed to do is to continue telling my story through this blog. I have a few exciting things happening in the next weeks and I can’t wait to let […]

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Current Obsession: Golden Bikes, Fall Clothes and Travel Gear

1. Goldencycle Two is safety and style in an excellent, German¬†engineered¬†package. It looks like a million bucks but it only costs 599 euros. OMG. Saving up now!     2. Grenson Sharp Cap Brogue Boots. I own a dozen or so pair of shoes but I still don’t have leather boots and this one is […]

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You live out the confusions until they become clear

  I’m alive. Not writing on this blog for more than a month feels like forever in internet years. I know you’ve been looking for me. To readers who care and emailed to ask if I stopped blogging: I’m still here. I did not leave. This space will not disappear. It’s my baby. It’s my […]

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