Under the slogan ‘So similar, so different, so European’ this clip shows just how gorgeous and surprising Southeast Europe can be. Yes, the region is different and this is what makes it so vibrant, exciting and fascinating. But is it actually that different?

One thing is certain; Southeast Europe has undergone tremendous changes in the last 20 years, let alone the last decade. On its path towards the European Union, the countries of the region have transformed their societies, implementing a series of thorough reforms. And anybody who is not familiar with Southeast Europe would probably be surprised to find out how many treasures it has been hiding; how much potential it heralds, and how much beauty there is to discover.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey have all set course towards the European Union. Croatia has gone the furthest on the path towards the European Union; it is set to become the 28th Member State on 1 July 2013. – EUtube

This is great news for us travelers! Now we have more choices of places to see with our Schengen visas. I am really opposed to visas so anything that eliminates visa application is always a great thing. I mean we will still have to apply for Schengen visa but at least now we can go to all these other places anytime we want if we have a Schengen visa. I’ve always wanted to check out Macedonia as I have a number of friends raving about it but I am too lazy to apply for a visa. So I hope this European Enlargement project will be in full effect soon.

This video was created by the EU Enlargement Project of the European Commission.


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